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The Rossiter System Workouts for Natural Pain Relief

Find a practitioner near you and see how effective The Rossiter System's® deep tissue stretching is in helping restore easy movement to relieve your pain. more

Rossiter System® workshops are open to anybody who wants to learn how to restore easy movement to eliminate pain and tightness. Our workshops are 90% 'hands on'. more

Advanced workshops provide new career opportunities or help you transform what you're already doing - whether it's sports medicine or manual therapy. more


The Rossiter System Workouts are deep tissue - connective tissue - stretching that restore easy movement, loosening tightness in your body quickly and effectively, to eliminate the source of pain. It is stretching in a way your body recognizes instantly as what it needs to help heal itself.

Rossiter is a workout, not a treatment or a therapy. It is serious, deliberate stretching, based on concepts from Structural Integration and created by a Certified Advanced Rolfer. People often search for it online calling it the Rossiter Method, the Rossiter Way, the Rossiter Technique, Rossiter Massage and even as Rossiter Therapy or Rossiter Treatment.

The most important thing to know is that Rossiter is a unique form of two-person stretching that provides Fast, Effective and Natural Pain Relief.

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